NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT - Patent Pending PoleEnforcer SRS™

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

LWS is proud to announce the development of the patent pending PoleEnforcer SRS™ Spliced Reinforcement System. The PoleEnforcer SRS™ system is comprised of steel reinforcement sections that are spliced together for deep driving applications. The system allows crews to easily manage the steel units above grade while maintaining safe working distances from overhead energized lines. The system can be installed with the standard PoleEnforcer® tools, pneumatic or drop weight driving systems.

Some of the most common applications are:

• Soft Soil Applications

• High Decay

• Car Breaks

• Burned Poles

• Poles in Ice or Water

• Excavation Near Pole

• Environmentally Sensitive Soil

Click HERE to view the new PoleEnforcer SRS™ brochure.  Click HERE to view the PoleEnforcer SRS™ installation guide.