PRS Pole Reclassification

PRS Pole Reclassification

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The PRS Pole Reclassification System from LWS enables utilities to reinforce and reclassify existing poles up to three or more classes. The PRS system is an economical way to strengthen and extend the life of existing poles without the cost of expensive pole change outs. Available in galvanized, self weathering or painted steel.

Increase Pole Strength up to 3 or More Classes

The PRS is an economical way to strengthen existing structures which are overloaded or may become overloaded with the addition of cable TV, under-builds, phone cables, or fiber optics.


PRS Avalanche Reinforcement System

The PRS Avalanche Reinforcement System is an economical way to reinforce existing structures against the destructive forces of avalanches and snow creep.  LWS engineers will analyze the structure and surrounding terrain and recommend the proper steel members to be attached.

PRS Avalanche Reinforcement System

• Reinforce and reclassify existing poles

• Increase pole capacities up to three or more classes

• Eliminate costly pole change outs

• Installed while the line remains in service

• Reinforces ground line strengths

• Optimize revenues from existing pole plant assets

• Applications for distribution and transmission structures available

• Minimal equipment and man power required