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E-LAM® Engineered Laminated Wood Utility Structures

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Laminated Wood Systems is the industry leader in designing and supplying engineered, time-tested glue laminated structures to the electric utility industry. Building on over 40 years of proven laminated wood history, LWS is continually designing new and innovative solutions to meet the needs of utilities across North America.

LWS supplies structures and pole systems from 25 to 165 ft. in length for any T&D application, including unguyed full tension dead ends. Our nation-wide manufacturing network allows us to deliver orders in size ranging from a single pole to multiple truckloads in approximately 6 to 8 weeks after drawing approval. Since E-LAM® structures are made from an abundant, renewable timber resource, they are not subject to the shortages and surcharges common to other construction materials.

To receive a quote on E-LAM® structures, simply fill out the “Online Engineering Worksheet for Raked Poles” or the "Online Engineering Worksheet for Switch Structures" and our engineering and sales department will be happy to provide a quote within three working days.

Innovative PentaTrate® Design Awarded U.S. Patent 8,555,602

LWS has developed a new, US patented (Canadian patent pending) glu-lam manufacturing process called PentaTrate™. The PentaTrate® design features a grooved, un-glued edge joint on the multiple layup E-LAM® laminated wood poles. The PentaTrate® groove runs the entire length of the pole on the inner edge joints, allowing for full-length penetration of preservative during the pressure treating process. Once the poles are installed, the PentaTrate® grooves also facilitate drainage of any moisture that may enter the pole.

PentatTrate Grooves

A Good Product Just Got BETTER!

Forensic tests have been conducted that confirm the successful migration of preservative treatment around the PentaTrate® grooves the entire length of the pole. This improved glu-lam manufacturing design is expected to significantly increase the already long life of E-LAM® laminated wood poles for many additional years – making a GOOD product even BETTER! For more information in this new, revolutionary design improvement that is UNIQUE to E-LAM® poles, click HERE.

Treated Section

The cross section shows the superior penetration of preservative treatment at the inner zone of the pole.

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• Competitive Cost

• Complete Structure Kits

• Engineered Strength

• Tangent & Unguyed Angle thru 170'

• Switch & Substation Structures

• Renewable Resource