PentaTrate® Design Granted U.S. Patent

Monday, November 25, 2013

Laminated Wood Systems, Inc. is proud to announce that the innovative glulam design known as PentaTrate® has been granted U.S. Patent Number 8,555,602 (Canadian patent pending). The PentaTrate® design incorporates small internal grooves on side-by-side layup, laminated wood poles that run the entire length of the pole. The PentaTrate® grooves allow for complete penetration of preservative treatment at the inner zone of the pole, resulting in superior protection of the entire pole. This revolutionary manufacturing design, available exclusively with E-LAM® engineered laminated wood poles, significantly extends the already long life of E-LAM® poles. While there have been numerous patents granted over the years in the glulam industry, PentaTrate® is the only design that improves preservative treatment of engineered wood glulam members. For more information on this innovative improvement in protection, click HERE.