Patented PhaseRaiser® Structure Lifting System

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If you have conductor clearance points of interest or are needing to find innovative ways to increase transmission capacity, the PhaseRaiser® lifting system is the answer. The patented PhaseRaiser® system is proven to be more cost effective than new line construction, pole change-outs or bayonets.

To learn how the PhaseRaiser® system can work for you, contact our engineering department with your structure type, pole sizes and the range of lifts required.

Laminated Wood Systems' engineering department will analyze existing structures and recommend the appropriate PhaseRaiser® system or related support members.  In addition, you may use Power Line Systems' new PhaseRaiser Wizard to easily insert a PhaseRaiser into a PLS-POLE model for analysis of structure strength and verification of the improved clearances. The PhaseRaiser library is available for download from the PLS Online Library at

Over 8,000 Structures Raised to Date!

Raise Energized Lines

The patented PhaseRaiser® Structure Lifting System makes it possible for crews to increase the height of existing wood structures on ENERGIZED lines and additional 5 to 20 feet.  Since no outage is required, utilities realize incredible cost savings when compared to structure change-outs and other methods.  Utilities across North America have safely raised more than 8,000 transmission structures to date.

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NERC Compliance

Utilities accross North America have been required by NERC to verify the thermal ratings of more than 450,000 miles of transmission lines. There are various methods available for increasing conductor clearances, most all of which require a costly line outage. The patented PhaseRaiser® structure lifting system is the most economical way to correct thermal rating and conductor clearance issues on energized lines. 

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• NO Line Outage Required

• Most Economical Solution

• Low Impact Equipment

• Field Training Included with Equipment Rental

• Capitalized Expenditure

• No Loss of Structure Reliability or Decrease in Service Life

• Permanent, 30+ Year Solution