PoleEnforcer® - Groundline Reinforcement System

PoleEnforcer® Groundline Reinforcement System

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Thank you for your interest in our PATENTED pole reinforcement system. Today, perhaps more than any other time, utilities are challenged to provide the same or higher degree of reliability, in a climate of reductions of maintenance budgets, equipment and manpower. An aggressive pole inspection and reinforcing program can save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year over change out costs. Installing the PoleEnforcer reinforcing system can restore old decayed poles back to new pole strengths for a fraction of the cost of changing them out; extending the service life another 20 - 30 years. PoleEnforcer can be installed with no interruption of power. Most installations with a crew of two take less than one hour from start to finish. The PoleEnforcer driving systems can install reinforcing units in virtually all soil conditions.

Are there poles that cannot be reinforced?

Our conclusion is there are virtually no applications where a pole is not a candidate for reinforcing. Laminated Wood Systems offers units to reinforce poles with decay twenty five feet and higher. We also offer a system to reinforce decayed poles with as little as one inch of shell up to twelve inches below the top of the steel unit. Information and test data is available upon request.

Patented Design

The PoleEnforcer's patented design includes a full length flange and full length taper.  The full length flange provides maximum surface contact with the pole, resulting in the strongest reinforcement in the industry.  The full length taper insures contact with the pole below the groundline, allowing for complete transfer of the load to the pole butt.  These patented features mean the PoleEnforcer is the ONLY pole reinforcement product that has published longitudinal strengths.

PoleEnforcer Features

The NEW PoleEnforcer SRS® Spliced Reinforcement System

Introducing the patented PoleEnforcer SRS® Spliced Reinforcement System from LWS. This innovative design allows crews to safely drive reinforcement steel far deeper than conventional steel units. The SRS system is comprised of steel sections that are bolted together as they are driven, allowing for crews to safely assemble and drive the units above grade while maintaining safe clearances. The PoleEnforcer SRS™ system is the ideal solution for the following applications:

• Soft Soil Conditions

• High Decay

• Car Breaks

• Burned Poles

• Poles in Ice or Water

• Excavation Near Pole

• Environmentally Sensitive Soil

PoleEnforcer SRS

• Patented Design

• Published Longitudinal Strengths

• Fully Tested

• Reinforce up to 70-80% of "Rejected" Poles

• Repair Burnt & Broken Poles