Welcome to Laminated Wood Systems

Welcome to Laminated Wood Systems

Laminated Wood Systems, Inc. is the world's leading supplier of engineered laminated wood structures and wood pole management products to the electric utility industry. Our patented products are an innovative and economical solution for many of the infrastructure needs facing the industry today. An extensive North American manufacturing network ensures extensive capacity and allows us to maintain consistent, short lead times.

E-LAM® laminated wood poles are made from an abundant, renewable, managed-growth timber resource, and are the most environmentally sustainable engineered utility structure available. The patented PhaseRaiser®, PoleEnforcer®, and PRS® systems allow utilities to save significant amounts of money and realize many additional years of service from existing T&D infrastructure.

The patented AVR Adjustable Vault Reinforcement® system is the most innovative solution available for shoring up underground concrete vault ceilings. Please contact us today for further details and to request a quote on any of our products.

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Engineered wood, as a structural material, has the least "cradle to grave" impact on the environment when compared to concrete & steel.

Source: APA Engineered Wood Association

LWS has earned the reputation of providing the most positive, engaged customer experience in the industry. Our team strives to meet and exceed this expectation on every project, big or small.

Seth Gutz

President, LWS

Having introduced E-LAM® poles back in 1992, our engineering expertise and experience is unmatched in the electric utility industry. 

Brian Hitz, P.E.

Vice President, Engineering, LWS