The patented PhaseRaiser® structure lifting system allows crews to raise existing wood structures an additional 5, 10, 15, or 20 feet without taking the line out of service. Using the specialized PhaseRaiser® Tool Trailer, a crew of 5 qualified lineworkers can safely raise 3 to 5 structures per day. Tool trailers can be rented or purchased, and include field training. 

The average age of structures that are raised is 50+ years. If the line is good enough to be in service, it is good enough to raise and remain in service. Simply provide LWS engineers with existing voltage, loading information & desired lift, and they will specify the appropriate PhaseRaiser® steel units. 

Engineered wood, as a structural material, has the least "cradle to grave" impact on the environment when compared to concrete & steel.

Source: APA Engineered Wood Association

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