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E-LAM® Unguyed Angle Quote Request By providing our engineering department with pertinent design details and criteria, we can specify the raked poles suited to meet your pole and loading requirements.


Switch Structure Quote Request Use this form to provide LWS engineers information regarding your switch structure requirements. BE SURE TO FILL OUT ALL FIELDS. All this information is required to accurately specify the correct E-LAM structure for your application.


Pole Reclassification Quote Request The LWS engineering staff will assist you in determining which standard PRS configuration will best suit your needs. Complete structural engineering analysis including foundation design is provided at no extra cost.


PhaseRaiser® Structural Quote Request Use this form to provide LWS engineers with information regarding your structure and unique lift requirements. LWS can provide a complete computer analysis on your structure(s) and will recommend and supply complete material kits that will: raise, raise and reinforce the ground line, or raise, reinforce and reclassify the poles for each structure. LWS designers may recommend additional X-braces or foundation systems with the material kits.


Joint-Use Structural Quote Request (To be completed by electric utility) Use this form to provide LWS with the utility loading information required for a joint-use structure. NOTE: Use the Structural Design Criteria for Antenna Structure form to provide joint use antenna & telecom attachment loading information.


Structure Design Criteria for Antenna Structures (To be completed by wireless carrier) Use this form to provide antenna & telecom attachment loading information for Joint Use and Telecom structures.


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Engineered wood, as a structural material, has the least "cradle to grave" impact on the environment when compared to concrete & steel.

Source: APA Engineered Wood Association

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