The patented AVR Adjustable Vault Reinforcement® system from LWS is the ideal, low cost solution for shoring up deteriorating underground vault ceilings. The AVR system is designed to meet and exceed HS-20 loading requirements. The system incorporates laminated wood posts, beams and decking* with adjustable steel hardware. 

Since the AVR units are completely adjustable, the system is easily modified in the field to accommodate vault size and equipment configurations. Heavy duty tongue and groove decking reinforces the vault ceiling and prevents further debris from falling. The AVR system can be safely installed by a crew of three in less than two days.

*Also available in all steel components and post-less design.

AVR® Videos
AVR® Installation

Engineered wood, as a structural material, has the least "cradle to grave" impact on the environment when compared to concrete & steel.

Source: APA Engineered Wood Association

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